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Steps for enrollment

1. Call Gerald Guerra 956-458-2118 to set an appointment.

2. Have a list of all your doctors and medicines ready for the appointment.

ATTENTION: You must have Medicare parts A and B to enroll into a Health Plan. If you need a drug plan you need to have parts A and/or B.

If you need to apply and enroll into Medicare Part A and/or B use the link below.


Disclaimer: Insurance agents are compensated by the insurance carrier not you upon your enrollment into a plan. Agents are contracted with insurance carriers only, not with CMS, Medicare, Medicaid or the federal Government.

Things to remember before get into a plan.

1. If you are shopping for a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Supplement Plan you will need to keep Medicare parts A and B. If you are shopping for a Medicare Drug plan ( Part D ) you Must have Medicare Part A and / or B or both.

2. You must continue to pay your Medicare part B premium if you have one, unless Medicaid or someone else pays for it.

3. You can only be on one Medicare Health plan or Prescription Drug plan at one time. If you have another Medicare health plan or Prescription Drug plan and join a new plan you will lose you current plan.

4. If you have an employer health insurance coverage check with your HR dept or current insurance to see how enrollment into a new plan could effect your current plan.

5. Some plans cover only specific areas. Check your plans area of coverage. You must live within your plans area of coverage.

6. Some Medicare Advantage plans have a Provider Network and you can only get services from the providers in the network. Except in an emergency or urgent care or out-of-area dialysis services.

7. You can enroll into a plan certain times through the year if you qualify. As you go into a carrier link in the (Find Medicare Plan) button above your carrier of choice will determine your eligibility for an enrollment. The AEP or Annual Enrollment Period runs (Oct.15th through Dec. 7th).  

8. In 2020 you must not have ESRD End Stage Renal Disease at the time of enrollment into an Medicare Advantage Plan.

9. If enrolling into a Medicare Supplement Plan the carrier will determine your eligibility to enroll into the plan.  

           Call me to assist you with any questions Gerald Guerra 956-458-2118

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