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Events and Seminars ( Call to RSVP )
Learn how Medicare works, know your options with Medicare and how a plan can fit your needs.

1. Mission Speer Library Oct. 20th  Fri  English 1:30pm. -3pm ( Spanish 3:00pm -4:30pm AARP Seminar

2. Office 713 N Ware Rd McAllen TX Oct. 21st  Sat. English 9:30am. -11am ( Spanish 12pm -1:300pm AARP Seminar

3. Mission Speer Library  Nov. 3rd  Fri. 1:30pm. -3pm ( Spanish 3:00pm -4:30pm  AARP Seminar

Covid-19 Food Drive

Health Plan Enrollment Center volunteered at several Caregivers SOS Food drives sponsored By WellMed inc.  McAllen TX 6/29/2020

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